1984 Essay Totalitarian Society

1984 Essay Totalitarian Society-70
The society of 1984 functioned on the belief that control over the human mind is control over reality.

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The constant fear of violence keeps them in a state of total submission.

Even Winston, a man desperate to break free of Party control, yields to the Party when they take him to Room 101.

Responding to the terrors of WWII that she experienced firsthand, Arendt describes the evils of totalitarianism as she saw them.

George Orwell, an author living at the same time as Arendt, responded similarly to the widespread war and terrifying totalitarianism.

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By doing this, the people only know what the Party tells them, and they have no opportunity to educate themselves on what is really going on.

Winston, for example, is constantly tasked with rewriting history, so that the Party appears to be always right and always fair: Finally, the Ministry of Love, particularly Room 101, ensures that all citizens do not flout Party rules.

This means that they are under constant surveillance and lack any freedom over their own actions.

Here's a quote related to how it is used by the Party: Secondly, the Party rewrites history so that it has total control over the information given to its citizens.


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