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We could see a giraffe that was walking together with a herd of its kind.

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It was beautifully built and maintained and reflected the grandeur of ancient architecture. Like Dehli, Lahore had been the seat of the Mogul rulers, a centre of Muslim culture. It is full of parks, running fountains and greenery.

By just watching the gate the glory and the greatrešs of iš history brightened the corridors of our minds. The beautiful image, the typical atmosphère arid the unique history cast a spell on us. Some of our friends suggested playing a cricket match. The greatest attractions are the historical places-the Lahore Fort, the Shalimar Gardens, the grand Badshahi Mosque, Tombs of Jahanghir and Noor Jahan, the queen of beauty. The Sheesh Mahal and Diwan-e-Aam reminded us of the past glory.

We went straight to the office of the in charge of Qasim Bagh. He gave us tickets and all the necessary information about the great Qasim Bagh. This beautiful shower in summer on a Sunday was Worth enjoying. We have never seen or heard many things about Qasim Bagh. We enjoyed the great scene, hustle, and bustle and spicy and tasty foodstuff available there. A visit to a historical place is a unique experience full of wonders and awe.

We started our visit from the main gate (Bab-e-Qasim). Then we again decided to visit other parts of Qasim Bagh. Last year I and a company of friends visited Lahore. Lahore offers great variety for tourists and visitors.We had fun in a rollercoaster among other rides, but then we were tired, so we decided to rest.We rested in a train that carried us around the zoo to watch different animals.Moreover, we went to see an amazing dolphin show, in which the dolphins did excellent pirouettes, I liked it so much, because I had never seen a dolphin show in my whole life.After that, we ate a delicious sandwiches and sodas.I lived one of the strangest moments of my life when I went to a summer course with other people.The teachers in this course carried us to visit the Guadalajara's zoo and that day was very strange.They are also the source of enjoyment and relaxation. The best way to make use of time is to travel to the best places of pleasure and charm.Therefore, visits to certain great and important places are really very useful in many ways. They were talking to each other excitedly and making their individual plans to make it a memorable trip.It was a splendid combination of old and modern art of construction. The Hiran Minar at Shakbupara tells of the strange story of great love of the emperior for his deer. I was transported into the past and felt myself part and parcel of the scene.On the One side, it reflected the historical aspect of Muhammad Bin Qasim. The grand Shah Jahan Mosque with its spacious yards and bara-darees, in red stone, made us spellbound.


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