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Archive a territory model when you don’t actively use it but you want to keep it around as a reference.

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Instead, you can use more specific criteria, such as ZIP code or industry to create child territories for California.

Maria sees a message stating that the rule is running. For now, the territory model isn’t activated, so running rules is just a test.

Maria sees a message stating that activation can take some time, depending on the size and complexity of the model.

When the process is complete, we notify Maria by email.

After activating a model, you can’t reset it to Planning state. And after you archive a territory, you can’t reactivate it, so make sure you plan carefully!

The model state changes to Activating while Salesforce processes Maria’s request.

Then she can run assignment rules for the territories in her Current Fiscal Year territory model whenever she needs to.

Later on, if Maria doesn’t need to use a territory model anymore, she can archive or delete it.

You can apply assignment rules to a territory directly from the territory record.

Maria has spent some time setting up several more assignment rules, and she wants to add the Company Size rule to the Northern California territory.


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