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And if you were used to a 40 hour week, throw that idea out the window.

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Unless you plan on making this a part time adventure, you need enough of nest egg to remove yourself from your current role and dive fully into your new role as agency owner.

You’ve probably heard your whole life that financial advisors suggest you have money set aside to cover between six months and one year of living expenses. While you won’t need to invest a ton of capital in to your ad agency to start, you will need to live without a salary.

As an ad agency, you may not be able to give away a free ad, but you can give a glimpse of your creative capabilities. That means that with that first client, you need to crush it.

You can show a company a few problems with its website and tell them how you could make it better. Provide amazing service and produce results that you can measure and attribute to your efforts on their behalf.

You need to find out how creative the agency staff is.

Search them online and see how they have done advertising and marketing for other organizations.Take into consideration that most people start businesses to do what they do best, which is "their business." When they find that advertising and marketing are taking away from their core business, they will often seek out freelance help, but when the work begins to get to be too much for freelancers they will evaluate a full-service agency.After all, time is money and it's important to make sure that you are making the most of your time in doing what you do best and allowing the experts in advertising to do what they do best.Set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.What do you expect to do, how will you achieve it, when will you see the fruits of your labors and how will you chart your accomplishments?Create it for yourself, but also for future investors.It should start with an easy-to-read summary and should also include such components as a market analysis, product and services, sales and marketing plans, anticipated operating expenses, future staffing requirements and profit margin and financial projections.If you expect to compete in an evolving market, you need to know what you do, what your competitors do and how you can stay one step ahead of the curve. You have a bit of financial security, a whole lot of knowledge and a ton of drive and tenacity to break into advertising with your own agency. Don’t think you’re going to land Coca Cola or General Mills. Whatever your training ground, your goals is to serve clients where you know you can make an impact.Subscribe to advertising publications and get online to follow a few advertising gurus. Instead, find some local companies that might benefit from your knowledge. Maybe you know an attorney or two that have websites that are pretty poorly constructed. Those free samples for products you never, ever thought you’d care about are pretty effective at getting you to actually buy.Bigger firm should also formulate an estimated balance sheet supported by realistic statistics projecting the company's growth without being over optimistic.Advertising Agency business plan is vital to tariff planning, commercial initiation and attaining fiscal support for your new business.


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