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I like his mind, but he was a cold guy toward his family.My wife always asks me why I keep writing about guys who are not good to their wives." He said that "Relativity is a pretty simple concept — it's not that hard to explain." And he believes that everyone "should appreciate science.

This fun biography was about Albert Einstein, a man who was one of the world's greatest scientists.

The book tells about his life and how he grew to love science.

I hope Shelley will do my next book on Charles Darwin." Frisch, who spoke from Princeton, also read all the previous Einstein books. "I live in a physics mecca, so I started ambushing the people who have written either on physics or Einstein.

When she read Neffe's book, she was struck by its excellence. I formed bonds with the community, and I now think 'it takes a village' to do a good translation." While she was translating, Volume Ten of the Einstein Papers appeared, so Frisch read the entire book with the help of "lots of pots of coffee and a helpful staff." This is part of what Frisch said makes the book "really hot off the presses in terms of science." Frisch is highly impressed with Neffe's approach.

He was very passionate about world issues and making the world a better place. He spent a lot of time focused on science and he always pushed his thinking to the limit.

This book is great for middle schoolers, it has a lot of awesome pictures that enhance the story.

"He got to know Einstein's caretaker of his country home, and it gave astonishing insight into his private world.

He put on his detective hat and found living witnesses.

"Honestly, I didn't like any of them," Neffe said by phone from his home in Berlin.

"I'm a biochemist and I've studied physics, and if I cannot really understand what is going on, then it's a bad sign.


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