The novel, published in the United States by Harvest/Harcourt, is a unique blend of religious exploration, practical zookeeping advice, meditation on the nature of truth, and shipwreck survival tale.

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The gradual development in the relationship between Richard Parker and Pi implies the most noteworthy themes of the novel.

In the beginning, when Pi realizes himself and the Bengal tiger are stranded in the ocean, he feels enormous fear towards Richard Parker.

Life of Pi was inspired in part by a story written by renowned Brazilian author Moacyr Scliar.

In Scliar's Max and the Cats, a young Jewish man flees Nazi Germany on a ship bound for Brazil, but when the boat sinks, he finds himself sharing a lifeboat with an unusual passenger: a jaguar formerly of the Berlin Zoo.

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However, ironically, when Pi admits his death is inevitable, he stops worrying about the future; he can instead be soothed by knowing what will happen, regardless of how horrible the fate is.

To his surprise, Pi finds out the tiger's willingness...

The theme of religion is used throughout the novel, and there are many essay topics teachers can create using this theme from The Life of Pi.

The following essay topics are examples of ones you can assign to your students and can also serve as a guide as they generate further topic ideas.


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