Ap Biology Cell Cycle Essay

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The main constituents of the general molecular composition of the cell includes: proteins and lipids which are either free flowing or membrane bound, along with different internal compartments known as organelles.

This environment of the cell is made up of hydrophilic and hydrophobic regions which allows for the exchange of the above-mentioned molecules and ions.

Modern day cell biology research looks at different ways to culture and manipulate cells outside of a living body to further research in human anatomy and physiology, to derive treatments and other medications, etc.

The techniques by which cells are studied have evolved.

Other factors such as size, the way in which they reproduce, and the number of cells distinguish them from one another.

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The study of the cell is done on a molecular level; however, most of the processes within the cell are made up of a mixture of small organic molecules, inorganic ions, hormones, and water.

Cell growth pertains to the increase in the number of cells present in an organism as it grows and develops; as the organism gets larger so too does the number of cells present.

Cells are the foundation of all organisms, they are the fundamental unit of life.

Approximately 75-85% of the cell's volume is due to water making it an indispensable solvent as a result of its polarity and structure.

These molecules within the cell, which operate as substrates, provide a suitable environment for the cell to carry out metabolic reactions and signalling.


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