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Listing each element one by one does not make any sense.The title is underlined, and the thesis is broader and more developed than the previous one.

Listing each element one by one does not make any sense.

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Another example of a book review thesis statement using the mentioned TAG method is: Though Juniper Jinee (title), Sarah Snow's (author), narrative non-fiction (genre) was based on the real events that occurred during the winter storm of 2006, I felt as though the scenic descriptions resembled more of a fictional storm rather than a real one.

This last example shows the TAG information in order and provides a clear thesis statement that indicates that the reviewer will be focusing on the trouble in Snow's representation of realistic scenes in her narrative non-fiction.

Evaluate how well the author established the plot, analyzing the effectiveness of incorporated dialogues, provided details, characters, and so on.

When preparing the thesis statement for a book review, indicate the author's objectives and the aspects of their writing you will be examining.

Work to identify the author's thesis, objective, or purpose, evaluate and make a judgment of the book based on the evidence collected from reading and primary sources.

One may use the sources of other authors to collect more details.Let's begin by having a closer look at the elements of the TAG statement.The title of the work should be written out completely and underlined, with each primary letter capitalized.Students may 'throw' each point in a sentence which usually results in poor or awkward wording.Take these two examples to understand the TAG writing better: Overcoming the odds, triumphs and challenges, The Legend of Humphrey Jones, John Doe, a book fitting the autobiography genre.In the above example about The Legend of Humphrey Jones, the key issues that can be extracted from the thesis are the vivid illustrations provided by the author.They inform the reader that the book review/critique will focus on the examples of these vivid illustrations.When referring to the author later in your work, you should only state his or her last name.If the author's name was mentioned before the TAG thesis statement, mentioning the last name in the thesis statement should suffice.In some cases, the genre may be easy to pick, but in others (short stories and the like) you may have to do a little research first.While including each of the elements of a TAG sentence in an essay, fluency is a major and critical factor to be considered.


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