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Time management is one of the major challenges of this test!

For multiple choice, you’re given one or two pieces of historical evidence followed by a set of questions that ask you to do some analysis.

Although they do have multiple parts, you don’t have to come up with a thesis (one sentence answers are ok).

They're about succinctly connecting themes and reference materials to specific events or trends.

Using this strategy, he successfully prevented people from noticing his wheelchair for years.

Each short-answer question is worth three points, so there are 12 raw points possible in the short-answer section.One historical trend you might mention specifically is the rise of legalized social segregation in the South (impact of You could also note that the evidence in the documents provided does not reference the Harlem Renaissance, which was an important development in the experience of many African Americans in the urban North during the 1920s.More extreme factions of conservative and progressive groups were either alarmed at the dramatic changes or dissatisfied with a policy that fell short of complete economic restructuring.You'll see multiple-choice, short answer, document-based, and long essay questions on this test.The main thread running through the entire exam is an emphasis on analyzing historical evidence and applying outside knowledge in context.The AP US History exam involves reading, writing, and in-depth analysis.It's not just about memorizing names and dates; you'll be asked to interpret historical evidence quickly and accurately, recall outside information about the topic, and, on the essay questions, synthesize your ideas into a coherent argument.In high school, she earned a 2400 on the SAT, 5's on all seven of her AP tests, and was named a National Merit Scholar. In other words, you are expected to treat history and historical questions as a historian would.This is the only choice that makes a DIRECT connection between the point of view expressed in the excerpt and the social/political trends of the time.Hammond’s statement is an individual piece of evidence that serves to demonstrate the larger movement of southerners touting slavery as a “positive good” benefitting both slaves and masters.


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