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Remember how we said the argument is a lot like a Critical Reasoning stimulus?

The process of evaluating it is a lot like the one we use for Critical Reasoning stimuli too.

This means that no matter what argument you’re given, your thesis is essentially, “the argument is flawed.” All you have to do to round off your thesis is outline which examples of those flaws you will discuss in your body paragraphs. Many test takers waste time coming up with a complicated, nuanced thesis that both wastes their time and fails to adequately address the prompt.

Which leads us to the next of our argument essay tips …

You’re free to make up all kinds of hypothetical scenarios for your argument essay (whether they’re accurate or not), so don’t feel pressured to be a subject matter expert.

Tip #3 | Treat It Like Critical Reasoning — Find the Gaps So how do we successfully analyze an argument?To come up with talking points for our argumentative essay, we need to do the same.Each gap in the argument is a flaw in the argument: it’s a place where the argument could potentially be weakened.It just matters that the argument being made isn’t necessarily valid.Similarly, what is actually true in the real world doesn’t actually matter.Tip #2 | Leave Your Facts and Opinions at the Door One of the reasons test takers spend so much time on their theses is that they try to convey their own thoughts on the argument.But this isn’t an opinion essay — it’s an argument analysis essay.This 30-minute writing task can be taken with the Integrated Reasoning section either before or after the Quantitative and Verbal sections.In this section, test takers are presented with a short argument (usually a type of proposal), not dissimilar to the stimuli presented in Critical Reasoning questions.For instance, in the argument above, you don’t need real facts or statistics about the financial implications of workplace safety.You just need to know that those facts and statistics aren’t in the argument, and thus could be anything, potentially impacting the validity of the argument.


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