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Traditionally, solving educational tasks requires constant instruction, consultation, and help which promotes gaining necessary communicative skills for maintaining different kinds of relationships with others.As a result, education can be defined as an essential part of social preparation for life.

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On the one hand, education is the element of learning for getting theoretical and practical knowledge that allows to get a good job and be a conscious member of society.

Basically, education is oriented towards acquiring necessary skills that define a qualified worker.

Education also prepares students for possible failures and uncertainties in their life.

Learning is a constant process of the method of trial and error, which directs students toward the idea of accepting a possible failure and possibilities for success (Roylance, 2017).Without a doubt, it is impossible to live in a world with millions of people without interacting and working with them.And education becomes the most important stage on the way to learning more about human relationships.It is true to say that educational programs “place the greatest value on creativity and the ability to engage in independent, critical thinking” (Excell, 2010).Following the rapid development of technological advances, education prepares a person who can benefit from the informational age, not only absorbing all the information, but taking a critical approach to different questions.Creativity is directly connected with the problem-solving and decision-making that presupposes a high level of student development for living in society.Without doubts, success and life quality depend on the ability to be innovative and select the best solution that will bring positive results.Does Education Prepare Students for an Independent Life?It is true to say that education is generally perceived as the stage preceding independent adult life.To start with, education becomes not only the sphere of professional development, but also social development for students.Every stage of education involves the type of interaction with others that makes people modify their behavior, change attitudes, and learn to choose a particular approach to everyone (Tokihiro, 2017).


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