Arguments Against School Uniform Essay

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Uniforms may also build community in a school as students of all ages – and alumni, too – bond or commiserate over the outfits they all associate with their school days.

When schools that have traditionally required uniforms toy with removing the uniform requirement, it’s often the alumni who speak out in favor of preserving the tradition of school uniforms. In areas where students may be gang-involved, uniforms can increase safety by preventing students from wearing clothing that declares – intentionally or inadvertently – gang affiliation.

School can be tough on kids and teens as it is, without taking away one of the few areas where they can exert some control and express themselves, say opponents of school uniforms.

Some uniforms may strike students and parents as sexist.

Also, if a student is unsure of their place on the gender spectrum or is experimenting with different forms of gender presentation, school uniforms can present a real challenge.

If a school has a uniform policy, it generally tries to enforce that policy by monitoring students’ clothing and punishing students for violating uniform requirements.If so, check out our guide to the pros and cons of school uniforms.When students don’t wear school uniforms it can be easy to spot kids with the most – and least – economic privilege based on what they wear to school.Some proponents of school uniforms argue that uniforms can increase student safety in school and outside of school, as well as increasing students’ ability to blend in and focus on learning without having to worry that their clothing choices might make them a target.Keeping a child in school uniforms may be more expensive for parents and guardians than buying regular clothes would be.The evidence for this seems to be thin, but many proponents of uniforms argue that when students don’t have clothing to notice, comment on or respond to, they can spend more mental energy on learning.Uniforms, this argument goes, add to a sense of disciplined learning in school.One argument used in favor of school uniforms is that when kids wear uniforms visible class markers between rich kids and poor kids are decreased or eliminated, which may lead to more social mixing along economic lines.Another argument that’s often raised in favor of uniforms is that they may increase student focus.So many people reached out to us saying they wanted help with financial planning, that we built a tool to match you with a financial advisor who can meet your needs.First you answer a series of questions about your situation and your goals.


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