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Likewise, this can be applied in our personal lives too.In order to succeed, we must capitalize on whatever the situation may be.In order to deal with situations that are not under our control we must be flexible and adaptable, and be able to turn them into advantages.

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The ground, or the situation we are in, is what we usually have to cope with.

It is often where we conduct our daily battles, and what we battle over.

The commander is a representative of virtues like courage, wisdom, benevolence, sincerity, and strictness.

A courageous leader wins by grabbing the opportunities that come his way without hesitating.

Thus, just like the climate, one can make choices which can bring uncontrollable factors under our control.

The same principle can be applied to our daily lives.Seize opportunities despite the conditions being in a state of fluctuation, beyond our control, and turn them into advantages.The CEO of a business organization, for instance, must be able to modify his strategies according to the fluctuations in the business or economic environment or climate.When he displays sincerity, his troops are assured of their just rewards as well as punishments.With strictness, he inculcates discipline in his men.It will train you to get your killer instincts under your control, reshaping it into a winning or profit-making skill.A strategy is the process by which we study exactly what will work in order to overcome challenges.It helps to attract customers, employees, supporters, and other associating allies.Basically, tao inculcates introspection which points towards the outcome of whatever action you may be contemplating on making before you actually commit to it.When thinking strategically, this is the key factor.The climate, or timing, in Sun Tzu's philosophy implied changes in the weather, seasons, temperature, etc.


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