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DHCP is an application and an application-layer protocol that together enable administrators to dynamically allocate IP addresses from a pool.Computers equipped with DHCP clients automatically contact a DHCP server when they start, and the server assigns them unique addresses and all of the other configuration parameters the TCP/IP client requires.Once assigned to a computer, an IP address remains constant, or static, and static addresses can make your computer more vulnerable to hackers.

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If, after several attempts, a system fails to locate a DHCP server on the network, APIPA takes over and automatically assigns an address on the network to the computer.

For a small network that consists of only a single local area network (LAN), APIPA is a simple and effective alternative to installing a DHCP server.

To assign IPv4 addresses, there are three basic alternatives: The advantages and disadvantages of these methods are discussed in the following sections.

Configuring a TCP/IP client manually is not terribly difficult, nor is it very time-consuming.

Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA) is the name assigned by Microsoft to a DHCP failover mechanism used by all of the current Microsoft Windows operating systems.

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