Assigning Ip Addresses In A Network

Assigning Ip Addresses In A Network-61
Due to the depletion of the pool of unallocated IPv4 addresses (IPv4 address exhaustion), Lease Web cannot get new IP addresses from RIRs.Therefore, the maximum number of IP addresses that can be assigned to customers per service type is limited (shown in the table below): One IP address is automatically configured on the server.

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Extra IP addresses assigned still need to be configured on the server by the customer.

Since each IP address is administratively assigned to a specific server, it is not possible to share or transfer addresses between servers.

■ Do additional parameters (default gateway, name server, and so forth) have to be configured? The network administrator configures the IP address, default gateway, and name servers manually by entering them into a special file or files on the end system with either a graphical or text interface.

Static address assignment is an extra burden for the administrator—especially on large-scale networks— who must configure the address on every end system in the network.

To be able to announce your IP addresses, we need an accepted authorization method.

For example, for RIPE ranges, we need you to delegate "mnt-routes" to Lease Web.■ Dynamic: IP addresses are dynamically assigned to the end systems.Dynamic address assignment relieves the administrator of manually assigning an address to every network device.Instead, the administrator must set up a server to assign the addresses.On that server, the administrator defines the address pools and additional parameters that should be sent to the host (default gateway, name servers, time servers, and so forth).IP Announcement is supported only in Lease Web ASNs. We do allow splitting IP space across the network in the same data center to as small as /26 per rack.There are no limits set for the amount of announced prefixes.Please note that these fees are fixed and always excluded from any discounts.Lease Web can announce your IP addresses within its network.On the host, the administrator enables the host to acquire the address dynamically; this is often the default.When IP address reconfiguration is needed, the administrator reconfigures the server, which then performs the host-renumbering task.


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