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For the salon or shop owner, certification, experience, business administration, financial administration, marketing, and investing must all be accurately mastered and employed to secure and maintain a successful venture.These skills can be improved over time, but hiring and training the right people is a tremendous shortcut and advantage.Meeting any and every challenge, with the ability to modify your plan accordingly will get you through the toughest of times.” Business IQ takes experience to learn, but success is attracted to fearless leaders that take bold action.

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Some of the necessary components of a business plan are a set of operational values and mission statement, acquiring proper training, skilled persons, a timeline targeting specific goals and deadlines, location scouting, pricing, furniture and supply cost, financing opportunities, filling key positions, and when to fill them.

The core structure and outline of this plan can prevent the haphazard operation and failure that many proprietors face.

Having reached this stage in your profession, you have probably already chosen a favorite line of products.

Find a reliable supplier that will keep you stocked up without breaking the bank. Having visited hundreds (yes, hundreds) of barber shops and salons, I can attest to the absolute necessity of a comfortable, well lit, relaxing environment for your customers to comfortably wait in.

Courage - You cannot quantify the amount of courage, hard work, and persistence needed to start your own business.

There are numerous “unknowns” that come with a start up, and your ability to remain committed and adapt to circumstances is crucial to your success.Inspiration, training, business plan, and courage were the principle factors leading to my successful salon opening and its longevity since.Inspiration - As a child, mom and dad gave me a ton of stuffed animals and dolls.We will always have a need for barbers and stylists.That moment and realization was the turning point in my life. Training - For a barber or stylist, certification and experience are vital components to their careers.I broke the materials needed down into four segments; Salon equipment, salon furniture, hair products, and the reception area.Salon Equipment - The selection of quality equipment, tools, and supplies is fundamental in creating an excellent work environment, leading to fantastic styling and customer experiences.Strategic planning and knowing how much you are going to spend in your start up is a key factor in determining most other aspects of your business plan.After the location has been chosen, the interior plan can be modified to accommodate the size and physical limitations of the space.While sitting in the barber chair having my hair (what’s left of it) cut and styled, I had an epiphany.The next subject for the Clash blog would be about start up secrets to help you in opening your own hair salon or barber shop.


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