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Advanced Placement Literature and Composition is for students who want to be challenged with college-level course work.This course is designed to be a culminating experience for students who have been involved in honors course work and who value the study of literature.

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While in-depth analysis and interpretation of novels, drama, poetry, and short stories from various countries and periods are included, the major emphasis is on twentieth-century writings and the application of the reading experience to critical writing.

Students are introduced to and then apply various forms of literary theory and then apply those theories to their readings of literary texts.

but not limited to imagery as delineated in Ch 4, or other elements on the sheet distributed in class.

How does the soliloquy offer the audience an immediate, intimate window into Hamlet's psyche? Use these GUIDE QUESTIONS to focus your notes and thinking.

Tues, 2/20Bring in Permission Slip and $35 cash if you wish to go on Mo MA field trip on 3/28Thurs, 2/22Finish Reading "The Window" (Chs X-XIX; up through page 124) of To the Lighthouse.

Continue to take notes using focus questions above.

There is evidence of this concept in a handful of characters, such as Sethe, Baby Suggs, and Stamp Paid, but it exists in Paul D arguably more so than in any other character.

Paul D was affected by slavery in an incredibly negative fashion, as he was treated more like an animal than a human being during his bondage.

They consider its structure, meaning, and value, and its relationship to contemporary experience, as well as to the times in which it was written.

This course places emphasis on oral discourse, incorporating a seminar model; hence, oral participation is vital to the strength and integrity of the course.


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