Ben Bernanke Thesis

Interest rates can't go negative, so there's nothing such policies can do to help the economy any more either.Bernanke was also at the center of a tornado of conspiracy theories.After his statement that "we did it" in 2002, Fed conspiracy nuts went crazy, trumpeting Bernanke's statement as if all their deranged alternate histories were vindicated, as if the Fed had intentionally created the Depression for who knows what reason.

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Bernanke did not simply print billions of dollars at once and throw it at people in the street.

If excess inflation does occur in the US, it is far more likely to be from rising oil and food prices than because of Bernanke-type policies (sorry, Luke Rudkowski-type).

Austrian schoolers think Bernanke caused the recession, though their reasoning is non-racist but still dumb.

Basically, they believe the Fed is responsible for business cycles.

Not only is this outright bullshit, it doesn't even make sense as a conspiracy.

Wouldn't they want to keep the economy strong so they could skim money off the top and no one would notice, not destroy the economy so we can't pay back the debt while at the same time making people suspicious?

Naturally, since Bernanke happens to be Jewish and a banker, there were a ton of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories claiming that he was a puppet of the Rothschild family.

Conspiracy nuts often claim that he intentionally brought about the financial crisis in order to destroy the dollar and bring about hyperinflation, thereby enriching the Rothschilds at the expense of America, keeping us in debt slavery.

Bernanke was charged with general stupidity, willful ignorance, and criminal negligence due to his handling of the financial crisis.

By Hanlon's Razor, he is guilty of at least the first of those charges.


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