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He made no secret of his feeling that the Democrats had lost winnable elections in 2000 and in 2004; Al Gore and John Kerry were “a couple of honorable men” but had been “tarred” as men of low character, and their campaigns failed to fight back effectively. ” In the gloom of the cabin, Clinton jabbed his finger to emphasize his point. Without mentioning 2008 and the potential presence of his wife in the race for the Presidency, Clinton started talking about John Mc Cain, the presumptive G. We had started out on light bulbs and, with hardly a question, landed within putting range of the Iowa caucus. Perhaps the most important post-Presidential moment came when George Washington refused a third term and, in his farewell address, calmed any anxieties that the republic would be ruled by an enduring monarch. “For a long time, you were either old and retired, died, or got killed,” Sean Wilentz, a professor of American history at Princeton and a friend of the Clintons, told me.

Kerry, after the so-called Swift Boat veterans, with the tacit encouragement of the Republican campaign leadership, started smearing him, “should have challenged Bush and Cheney to a town-hall debate on their respective Vietnam records. The Kerry campaign was “like a deer caught in the headlights.”We were somewhere above the Sahara, but Clinton’s mind was fixed on the condition of the Democratic Party in the Age of Bush and on the way the White House, even as Iraq verged on civil war, remained on the rhetorical and ideological offensive.“I am sick of Karl Rove’s bullshit,” Clinton said. At around four-thirty, with Chad still in the distance, Jay Carson finally managed, with a series of coughs, stifled yawns, and expressive chin-lift gestures, to cue Clinton to call it a night. “Or you were some kind of rare exception.”John Quincy Adams and William Howard Taft were among those rare exceptions.

As Zidane was banished from the Elysian fields, the jeering, unknowing crowd went almost completely over to the Gallic side; but, in the end, the Italians, emboldened by Zidane’s absence, won the game—and the Cup—on penalty kicks. He’d changed out of his suit and into a pair of black jeans and a lemon-yellow polo shirt.“Pretty good game, huh?

” he said, striding down the aisle of the plane, the inevitable Diet Coke clutched in his spookily large fist. ”When he came back, he was wearing a pair of gold-rimmed half-glasses and was chewing on an unlit cigar.

He recalled Gao Hong, the goalie for the Chinese women’s team, who, in the 1999 World Cup final, gave up the decisive penalty kick to Brandi Chastain, of the American team.

Gao had played brilliantly until that point, but, like Zidane, she had to return home and endure the consequences of her defeat. The Secret Service contingent and a few staffers were in front, press were in the middle, and Clinton and his aides in back.The bus pulled up behind a stage that had been erected under the gate. A rock band performing onstage got the signal from the wings to wind up a song, and Clinton, white-haired, trim, and wearing the dark suit and radiant tie of high office, strode out to the microphone and began to wave. —but as people began to recognize him on the big screens, with the familiar smile and the ingratiating squint, they started to cheer, louder and louder.Clinton climbed down from the bus and took in the mass of people. It was impossible not to wonder what the reception would have been for George W.He pronounced oil depletion an opportunity: “But we need to make fixing climate change as politically sexy as putting a man on the moon.” And as the “conversation” veered into politics Clinton talked about one of his favorite recent books, a study, by Harold Holzer, of Lincoln’s speech in 1860 at Cooper Union, which launched his campaign for the Republican nomination.It was Lincoln’s “toughness” at Cooper Union that Clinton seemed to admire most, and which led him to a theme he kept returning to all week: the need for the Democratic Party to “lean into” Republican attacks. candidate, and he made sure to say how funny and decent he is, and how heroic he was in Vietnam, but soon he was pointing out Mc Cain’s “far-right” bona fides, his being “right there with Bush” on preëmptive war and “loads” of right-wing domestic policies. We’re going to have a The post-Presidency as an institution and as a source of public interest is mainly a modern phenomenon.(Hillary has written that she was immediately attracted to Clinton’s hands—“His wrists are narrow and elegant and his long fingers deft, like those of a pianist or a surgeon. Some on the plane were starting to get calls about Zidane.“Hillary told me all about it,” Clinton said.When we first met in law school, I loved just watching him turn the pages of a book.”) One of Clinton’s aides, an efficient young man named Justin Cooper, who carries the bags and makes sure that every detail is in order, interrupted and handed him a cell phone.“Hillary! “I can’t imagine what he must have been thinking.”Clinton was instantly forgiving of Zidane and wondered what would become of him.“In 1994, Helmut Kohl and I stood on a stage here,” Clinton told me over the roar. Then he shook some more hands and posed for pictures with a row of cheerleaders holding glittery pom-poms.“That day, there were a hundred thousand people—but nothing like this. Jay Carson, a diligent young Georgian who works as Clinton’s communications director, started to interject the kind of polite “Ahem”s and “Thank you”s and nods that lesser politicians know to take as signals to wrap things up. We made it to the game with a few minutes to spare.As the bus pulled up to the stadium, a few people stopped to greet the ex-President and his daughter, but most hustled to the gates in orderly streams.Clinton, though he may be less schooled in “the beautiful game” than in the fortunes of the Arkansas Razorbacks, said, “I’m totally psyched for this.”The Clintons took their seats in the “statesmen’s section,” at midfield.


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