Brave New World Allusions Essay

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Linda explains that she used to let all the men come to her for sex, as civilized people should, but that all the other women got mad.

She also struggled to condition John to the ways of civilized society but apparently failed.

A novel way ahead of its time, Science and Technology — As beneficial as technology can be for the world, this novel demonstrates how these advancements can actually cause major setbacks for the morality and integrity of a society.

This has come up in multiple places as an essay question answer for homework.

He explains that his mother was like Lenina, a woman from civilized society, who some hunters had saved.

Bernard concludes that John's mother was the woman the Director had taken to the reservation twenty-five years ago.

She describes how she ended up on the reservation and pregnant with John even though she took all precautions with the Director.

Although Lenina feels disgusted by Linda, she feels forced to listen.

After reading , consider reviewing Huxley’s 1958 essay “Brave New World Revisited” with your students.

In this piece, Huxley reflects on the themes he explored in his novel and evaluates whether or not his predictions of the future came true.


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