Brief Research Proposal

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So, having defined a set of clear and tightly focused objectives, we worked closely with the client to understand their actual/real need. First, we used a combination of desk/secondary research and telephone executive interviews to prioritise the attractiveness and potential of the market in each country.

Based on that research, we identified two markets with particularly high attractiveness and potential, and conducted a thorough assessment of each. The client was able to choose which market to enter.

Whatever your expectations, be sure the agency clearly understands what you want. If the answer is ‘none’ or ‘not much’, the chances are they won’t be much help during the later stages of your project either.

At Research Insight we are always happy to offer advice, because we want your project to be a success.

If we ever stop providing impressive service, we should get out of market research and make widgets instead!

A Research Insight client wanted to understand the opportunities for their product within the 10 largest European Union export markets.

In this newsletter, we present Zippy Research, an agency that’s in such a hurry to ‘process’ clients, it doesn’t bother about small things like briefs. At Research Insight, we’re nothing like Zippy Research.

We don’t just encourage you to give us a full brief – we also give you all the help you need to write one! We’re really interested to know what you think about this newsletter, and would love to hear your feedback.

Offer your suggestions about how the data might be collected.

Of course, a reputable agency will give you plenty of guidance on this one.


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