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Our students, alumni, and faculty receive updates on many such events, opportunities, and resources via a weekly MFA newsletter.

Our students, alumni, and faculty receive updates on many such events, opportunities, and resources via a weekly MFA newsletter.Some students choose to take copious advantage of these opportunities—our graduates have started successful literary journals, such as Electric Literature’s Recommended Reading; some students frequently give readings, write book reviews for lit blogs and magazines, and take on literary internships, to list just a few examples.How does the environment of Brooklyn and Manhattan play into the experience of pursuing an MFA at Brooklyn?

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If you could provide a piece of advice for incoming students, what would it be?For playwrights, many of the MFAs have leaned on the side of experimental, in terms of their output: Young Jean Lee, Tom Bradshaw are grads, and Mac Wellman heads the program.Grads are know for creating some of the most pogressive theatre work out there, but if that isn't your jam, this probably isn't the school for you.Our students receive extensive feedback from faculty members inside and outside of class; it is not unusual for a faculty member to critique a new draft of a student’s work months or even years after a workshop has ended.Our students have the unusual opportunity to take a novel workshop, if they wish.Just as important are the happy hours, parties, dinners at faculty members’ homes, summer trips to Brooklyn Cyclones games, and post-workshop drinks, all of which contribute to an extremely warm and congenial sense of community in our program.Our students tend to leave the program with lifelong friends and mentors—and, therefore, with lifelong support for their writing and publishing endeavors.In this sense, I think that Brooklyn College students have the best of both worlds—they have access to the dynamism and opportunity of the city’s literary offerings, and also to the quiet, immersive, calm atmosphere provided by our campus.I know lots of Brooklyn MFAs and I think whether or not Brooklyn College is "good" just depends on what kind of work you ultimately want to create.Your program makes mention of intergenre workshops. Many authors would like to learn about other areas of writing and I hear limited intergenre exploration as a criticism to other programs.Each year, we offer an intergenre class, taught by a member of the MFA faculty and taken by students from the poetry, playwriting, and fiction programs.


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