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The main trouble is that they cannot show this aggression at home because in the majority of cases, they have too cruel parents.Therefore, one victim at school can suffer from all the power of aggression that cannot be shown to parents.Bullying is a commonplace issue for today’s schools, so a discussion of its causes and consequences may become your assignment in a variety of disciplines.

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Schools are struggling to take a stand against bullying, and with parents, politics, and the media involved, educators have a difficult time pleasing everyone. The bullied student can rarely predict when the bullying will occur, and if the student can predict the bullying, often teachers and staff may not address the incident. An entire school district needs to have the same language within all its schools in order to reduce bullying.

In fact, staff may not even catch the first few acts of bulling. This includes having all teachers, staff, and administrators on board to prevent bullying from occurring. To start, the schools need to have a common definition of bullying.

Some people think that excessive self-esteem is also the reason for bullying because children bullying someone at school look very self-assured.

However, this assumption is mostly unsubstantiated by scholarly evidence, and a feeling of shame is still regarded as the major cause of bullying at school (Lamia, 2010).

Here are some tips to help you reduce bullying in your school. CPI defines bullying (2011) as being characterized by intentionally aggressive behavior that involves an imbalance of power and strength.

It can be exemplified through physical, verbal/nonverbal, and/or relational means.

It is well-known that different children may stand together to bully one child.

So, it can be said that a victim unites the whole group around him- or herself.

Certainly, bullying is a very unpleasant phenomenon of everyday life, especially when it comes to children’s bullying.

Stopping bullying is a number one priority in the majority of educational establishments worldwide, which may be achieved by involving parents into the dialogue.


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