Business Intelligence Research Papers

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Most new buying is of modern, business-user-centric platforms forcing a new market perspective, THE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND BUSINESS DECISIONSfree download Abstract: The aim of the use of artificial intelligence in business is in the field of optimization minimization the costs and maximization the profit.

The mostly used methods of artificial intelligence are fuzzy logic, artificial neural networks and evolutionary algorithms.

Any analytical tasks can be implemented directly by the transactional system but it becomes more difficult as the transactional system grows.

Analytical systems and their extension The Goal Questions Metrics for Agile Business Intelligencefree download Abstract Business Intelligence (BI) becomes in the front of demanding technologies.

We present the RABIC: A Reference Architecture for Business Intelligence in the Cloudfree download Abstract: Classical Business Intelligence systems are based on common database management systems.

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The use of such classical, nonpolitical BI systems is not always the best solution.Effectiveness of Agile Implementation Methods in Business Intelligence Projects from an End-user Perspectivefree download Abstract The global Business Intelligence (BI) market grew by 10% in 2013 according to the Gartner Report.Today organizations require better use of data and analytics to support their business decisions.CRM for retailers: Business intelligence in retail CRMfree download Abstract In the current era it is very important to develop a direct contact with the customers because customers are the definitive determinants and the success of the company depends on customer happiness.So companies are using different techniques to provide The Effects of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics on Business and Employment: Evidence from a survey on Japanese firmsfree download Abstract This study presents new evidence on firms' attitudes toward artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, as well as their attitude toward the impacts of these new technologies on future business and employment prospects.The economic contribution of agriculture to India's Information conservational Yin Yang bipolar quantum fuzzy cognitive mapsmapping business data to business intelligencefree download Abstract: Based on Yin Yang bipolar fuzzy sets and bipolar quantum linear algebra (BQLA), information conservational bipolar quantum-fuzzy cognitive maps (BQFCMs) are proposed.It is shown that a relational BCM can be normalized to a bipolar quantum-fuzzy logic gate ( Proposal for Design and Application of Business Intelligence as a Decision Support System to the Editorial Sector of Distance Education (DE)free download In recent years, industrial and service organizations have invested in improvement projects with emphasis on increasing the performance of processes regarding to the production of manufactured goods and services, applying techniques to optimize production time in Factors affecting the Increase and Decrease student achievement in Primary School with Business Intelligence Approachfree download Abstract: Although the educational level of the Portuguese population has improved in the last decades, the statistics keep Portugal at Europe's tail end due to its high student failure rates.Business intelligence performs the operations to gather, transform, analyze and present the raw data to aid in the decision making.The implementation of service oriented Implementing Business Intelligence System-Case Studyfree download Abstract: Understanding and analysis data is essential for making decision within a system.The attention of researchers is shifting towards human factors of BI adoption.The wide set of human factors influencing BI Business Intelligence as a Service in Analysis of Academic Coursesfree download Abstract Business intelligence (BI) has become a very reliable means in the decision making process.


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