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At this stage you are not trying to structure your writing; you are simply trying to think of as many things that you could include, as possible. Use as few words as possible for each idea and draw arrows between elements that have a possible connection.If you’ve done it correctly, and not tried to structure your writing in the previous stage, you will now have a lot of things that you could possibly include.

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They are the people who are most likely to buy your products or services, and they are united by some common characteristics, like demographics and behaviors.

The more clearly you define your target group, the better you can understand how and where to reach your best prospects.

What do you want your audience to think, feel or do as a result of your writing?

This is not always obvious and of course there may be multiple possible outcomes.

Defining your target market is one of a marketer’s most important tasks.

It’s the foundation of all elements of your marketing strategy, from how you develop and name your products or services right through to the marketing channels you use to promote them.

The structure will also help you to identify where you need to do research and where you already have information in your head or easily to hand.

Keeping to around three main themes or ideas will make it much easier for your audience to understand, remember and, if appropriate, act on your messages.

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