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Deloitte interviews are pretty challenging compared to regular interviews at large corporates.The questions are difficult and the interview format is specific to Deloitte.Let's step through regular case interviews and group case interviews at Deloitte in more details.

Interviewers won't intervene during the group discussion.

They will just observe the group dynamics and mark each participant based on how they are contributing to the discussion.

Deloitte will test your maths skills during the case section of your interview.

It is therefore difficult to succeed at these interviews without being confident in maths.

As we have mentioned in the past there 7 types of questions you need to prepare for in candidate-led case interviews: You can learn more about case interviews and how to prepare in our free case interview guide.

And you can also get a sense of what case interviews at Deloitte are like using the video below.

Unfortunately, it is extremely common to have rusty maths skills when you start preparing.

In our experience, candidates who end up getting a job in consulting take some time at the beginning of their preparation to brush up their maths and regain their confidence.

Here are the top 3 things you should aim to do in your Deloitte group interview: We've written extensively about consulting fit / PEI questions in the past.

But in summary here are the top 5 fit and PEI questions you should prepare for at Deloitte and other consulting firms.


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