Catcher In The Rye Stradlater Essay

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These guys are everywhere, and not just at prep school.

In New York City, sitting alone at a piano bar, Holden sizes up the phonies around him, especially the “Ivy League bastard” next to him with a date: “What he was doing, he was giving her a feel under the table, and at the same time telling her all about some guy in his dorm that had eaten a whole bottle of aspirin and nearly committed suicide. And then there’s the strangeness of the young man’s anecdote, which is Salinger at his darkest and most jarring, punching holes in the edifice of 1950s life, showing the yammer behind the static. We know nothing about him, and yet the intertwining of death with male aggression pulls us toward the depths of .

Stradlater doesn't offer any information about the date, and Holden tries to conceal his concern.

When Stradlater sees the essay Holden has written, he complains about the subject (Allie's baseball mitt), so Holden rips up the essay.

One reason we miss this theme is because the narrator is a horny 1950s prep-schooler who calls women “whory,” gay men “flits,” and whose general behavior is, well, crummy.

When it comes to analyzing toxic masculinity, we’re accustomed to exterior rather than interior critique.

Holden's nose is bleeding profusely, and he waits for Stradlater to go to the bathroom before getting up.

He digs under his bed to find his hunting hat and puts it on.

Stradlater is described as a "sexy bastard" who has a way to charm girls and that Holden had personally known two girls to whom he has given the time to.

Holden also mentions that he always walked around their dorm room in his bare torso, and that he was madly in love with himself.


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