Change Management Case Study

There are gaps in knowledge and skills training and perception barriers exist to education attainment.

Moreover, learning is currently intermittent and does not provide for an informal learning setting.

The organization required full engagement of its executives in the developing the skills and knowledge development programs and change management process to make the project a success.

Analysis: We learned that 20% of knowledge is acquired in formal (instructor to people) settings, while 80% of knowledge is acquired in informal (people to people) settings.

It was noted that recognized universities do not offer a formal degree in teh related industry.

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In addition, an analysis was conducted to evaluate options for a value proposition, brand and communication strategy.To this end, market research was conducted with stakeholders, board members, employees, HR managers and the work force in one-on-one interviews and focus groups.Existing professional development, competencies and certification systems were studiedl.Recommended strategy A multi-step facilitated process which allowed Directors and employees to discover their own reactions, emotional and otherwise to the change, to realize its advantages and disadvantages personally and professionally and to express their concerns and aspirations.Directors then developed their collective vision of the future organization and statement of its implications in terms of priorities for action in the following format: Plans.The results were then used to identify the gaps in culture overall, but also where sub-cultures existed, whether for good or for bad.The results were then fed back to all staff in small functionally based focus groups and senior management group who then drew up a clear process for moving the overall culture forward, but also establishing local action plans within the various functions of the organisation.Strategy Meet with management to confirm objectives and leadership strategy and to discover the reasons driving the timing of this exercise.To facilitate a retreat to meet these objectives and advise management on implementation strategies.Recommendations and actions: Initial meeting with management staff to develop a strategy to meet this objective, to determine an efficient communication strategy within the division and to manage employee expectations.Facilitation of an all staff meeting to develop the vision and the plan.


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