Character Analysis Essay Great Expectations

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Any young child would be rightfully afraid of any man bearing the appearance of Magwitch and one who threatens to eat you.Of course this is seen with Magwitch but more so in the presence of Pip’s sister, Mrs. She boasts that she has “brought me [Pip] up ‘by hand’ ” (Dickens 6).Her character is so sour during the first few chapters of the book and her display of brutality toward Pip and Joe is such that gives us reason not to pity Mrs. She is described as “not a good looking woman” and having a habit of going “on the Ram-page” (Dickens 6-7).Through the murk of English grubbiness and gloom, we find a character who is very unlike most romantic main characters or even other main characters in Dickens’ other novels.Most authors endow certain characters with traits that make them a hero and likeable.Most critics have compared this author to Thackeray in saying that Dickens, “cannot, like Thackeray, narrate a story as if he were a mere looker-on, a mere knowing observer of what he describes and represents; and he has therefore taken observation simply as the basis of his plot and his characterization.There is an absence of both directing ideas and disturbing idealizations.As we find out later in the novel, the events that follow this meeting are the basis for the book’s title since Magwitch eventually becomes Pip’s benefactor and the provider of his “great expectations”.Pip at first is a small boy, without parents, who has the bad misfortune of meeting a convict.Pip promised Magwitch he would get him food and a file; Pip does fulfill his promise, despite the threats of Mrs.Joe, and therefore shows some good “heroic” qualities of honesty and bravery in the midst of threats.


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