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When all else fails, disbursement of power leads to unity and instills a fear in the ostracized. While it may leave a bitter taste in your mouth to consider Adolf Hitler a great leader, it’s important to remember that the term leader does not always equate to the heroic.

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Through consultation and coalition tactics, Hitler determined that the best way to establish absolute dictatorship was to have a hierarchy of leaders and to pass the power on to others.

With this approach, Hitler was able to influence those within his regime by further involving them and giving them the opportunity to lead as well.

The trait theory, according to Northouse, are those special traits that all great leaders are born with that help to differentiate a leader from a non-leader.

On the other hand, the psychodynamic approach is the underlying and unconscious dynamics that determine human behavior.

In , Northouse (2015) described various theories and approaches to help explain leadership.

Two theories that seem to work hand-in-hand are the trait theory and the psychodynamic approach.

When positioned together these two theories help to explain what characteristics Hitler developed and how his background helped to mold him into a leader.

But these two theories together are not enough to explain how Hitler came to power and what it was that so many followed or feared.

Does that mean that the influence has to be used for good?

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