Child Observation Assignment

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Prior to interviewing the UAC using the the care provider informs the youth that providing honest answers to all assessments is essential.

The care provider also informs the UAC that self-disclosure of previously unreported criminal history or violent behavior to any other children, care provider staff, ORR, or others, may result in the child’s transfer to another care provider facility and may affect their release.

If the unaccompanied alien child is not literate, the care provider must verbally explain all the documents in the unaccompanied alien child’s native or preferred language.

If forms are not translated into a language that the unaccompanied alien child can read, the care provider staff must verbally translate the document for the child or youth.

Care providers must have accountability systems in place which preserve the confidentiality of client information and protect the records from unauthorized use or disclosure.

Under the terms of the Flores Settlement Agreement, care providers must provide the following minimum services Within 5 days of an unaccompanied alien child’s admission, a trained staff member conducts an assessment that covers biographic, family, legal/migration, medical, substance abuse, and mental health history (the UAC Assessment).Concurrent planning is the exploring of alternative options to the sponsorship process (including multiple sponsorship options) during the process of preparing to release children to parents, other relatives, or family friends.In some situations, release to a family member is not an option for the child or youth.As part of the orientation, the care provider must also provide the unaccompanied alien child a tour of the facility and note emergency evacuation routes and exits.The orientation must include the following information: an explanation of the nature of the unaccompanied alien child’s custody in ORR; the care provider’s rules, responsibilities, and procedures; the unaccompanied alien child’s rights and responsibilities, including general legal-related information; the care provider’s behavior management policies; the care provider’s grievance policies and procedures; emergency and evacuation procedures; and other policies and procedures to help the child or youth adjust to the new setting.They also undertake ongoing efforts to identify and assess relatives or other individuals in the United States as sponsors to whom children can be safely released.Care provider facilities’ case management teams use standardized screening tools to assess children for mental health and victims of trafficking issues.Care providers must comply with all applicable State child welfare laws and regulations and all State and local building, fire, health and safety codes.Care providers must deliver services in a manner that is sensitive to the age, culture, native language, and needs of each unaccompanied alien child.The care provider continues to update the child or youth’s case file using another assessment tool (the UAC Case Review).This form is used to make sure that the case is continually updated (initially on the unaccompanied alien child’s 30th day in the care provider’s care and subsequently every 30 days or every 90 days in a long term foster care provider’s care).


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