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Peter Matthiessen had met Humes in the Dôme in Montparnasse in the spring of 1951.“He was a remarkable figure,” Matthiessen remembered.I was Staying with him in Vallombrosa, and one day accompanied him on one of his little walks, meaning not much walk and a lot of talk. Anyway, at the we were united on that point: no learned articles on who influenced whom, or the higher significance of whatever; just the prime matter, except perhaps for occasional newsy pieces on what was brewing on the European literary and artistic scene. There were, as might be imagined, innumerable suggestions.

Peter Matthiessen had met Humes in the Dôme in Montparnasse in the spring of 1951.“He was a remarkable figure,” Matthiessen remembered.

He liked to refer to himself as the “so-called managing editor.” He was the magazine’s managing editor until one day in 1954, after a year of organizing things in the office, he left a note in his In-box stating, “Do not put anything in this box.” By this he meant to tell the rest of the staff that he was moving on to something else.

He was a Harvard graduate (an editor of the there), with a master’s degree in Comparative Literature.

This is the official text for the National Association of Science Writers.

In the eight years since the publication of the first edition of A Field Guide for Science Writing, much about the world has changed.

In addition mid-career fellowships for science writers are growing, giving journalists the chance to return to major developments, and hope to be part of them with this new edition of the Field Guide.

In A Field Guide for Science Writers, 2nd Edition, the editors have assembled contributions from a collections of experienced journalists who are every bit as stellar as the group that contributed to the first edition.His clipped, wry perception of things was what one might associate with an Oxford don rather than a young graduate newly arrived in Paris. Those he wished to discourage were diverted with an invitation to an address in Montparnasse where Train said he lived.There on a large sheet-iron gate on a wall too high for the visitor to see that behind it was a vacant lot, Train gummed his calling-card which, on occasion, he would replace.When you got a foot or so ahead he would clutch you by the elbow, spinning you around toward him, and make a point. (I doubt if the corporation has had even one shareholder’s meeting since its inception.) We worked out a deal to be sponsored for legal and house-keeping purposes by, an established French magazine considered to have a conservative political tone although that meant nothing to us. We would offer to do a literary page in each issue; a whole page, filled with stimulating criticism, moving poetry, gripping fiction.One would then straighten out, resume the march and carry on until the next spin-around. George came up with a money-making scheme of lofty simplicity. We would make so much money from our page that the would simply chuck the stock pages.Archibald Mac Leish took him into his English writing course. Those who put out the first issue of the magazine that summer in Paris took umbrage at Humes’s concept of his duties as managing editor.Somewhat peremptorily perhaps—since they forgot to inform him—they lowered him down the masthead to the position of Advertising and Circulation Manager—a somewhat curious title in retrospect, since he had as little to do with these departments as he did with managing. He had a rubber stamp made up with his name and an exalted title.Besides, he had decided to become a writer; administrative work was behind him.That first summer of 1953 he applied to Harvard as a graduate student and was accepted.The academic community has recently recognized how important it is for writers to become more sophisticated, knowledgeable, and skeptical about what the write.More than 50 institutions now offer training in science writing.


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