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apex: move from one idea to the next in your writing.If the transition is directly from level 4 to level 1, a single photon - in a single frequency - is emitted.Encourage students to use them at the beginning of a new paragraph.

Select transitional phrases for emphasis to help readers home in on the most important concepts.

These transitions build suspense and lead up to larger points, according to the Purdue University Online Writing Lab.

Some examples include "specifically," "to clarify," "in other words," "namely," "that is," "thus" and "to put it another way." These transitional words force readers to take another look at current points and reconsider them before moving forward.

Instruct students to use causal transitions to explain cause-and-effect situations and to signal when they're supplying reasons and results, suggests Michigan State University.

However, it is also possible that an electron falls first from level 4 to level 3, and then from level 3 to level 1, for example.

In this case, more than one photon - of different frequencies - can be emitted.

They determine logical point within the process of idea creation.

Using them, it is possible to make analysis, put emphasis, define relationship - transition words show connection between the thoughts.

Some examples are first, second, third, next, them, finally, last.

with no transition words: Events with no transition words: * She put on her swimsuit, walked out to the pool, swam some laps and laid in the sun.


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