Common Core And Critical Thinking

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Since both are needed for survival in the business world, any attempt to smother a student’s fire within for knowledge (as I identify it in my book of the same name) is, in my opinion, the act of an evil person out to cripple autonomous man.How did our country slip so fast, so innocently (it seems) to this state, from a powerful nation with a great educational system to what we know today? presidents are also active contributors to the problems in education.

To compound failure, many seasoned teachers, aware of the outcome, based on their experience, treated the programs for what they were—fads without any serious long-term educational value.

For many of them, they saw these programs as an irresponsible way to add another layer of confusion to the educational process.

How might Common Core academic standards be described?

In a nutshell the intent is for teachers to work on critical thinking (a buzz word), rather than the traditional memorization method. We all value critical thinking skills, so why is there so much controversy about the new education system?

I once called government education a multi-billion-dollar racket. It has become a propaganda machine used by the establishment to strengthen its political base with the next generation of voters. We must free education of government intervention and give parents the autonomy to choose the type of education that best suits their child’s needs.

By weakening learning with unsuitable programs and creating academic chaos in the process, it has widened the opportunity for teachers who may have a particular political bent to indoctrinate students without accountability and prepare their students for a new world order. However, forty-five states committed to those standards, and did so even before the standards and/or accompanying curriculum were completed.Yes, you read that correctly, States agreed to accept Common Core Standards without any proof whatsoever that it was superior to the system being replaced.For instance curriculum encourages students to question the morals and teachings they have received at home and church.Oh, it is all done rather subtly and if it was only found to occur once or twice, nobody would get too excited.“We’re losing them, and we don’t know why.” Well, dear mother, you are wrong. It’s because the children are bright and sensitive and best!Social planners have no tolerance for such students, because they may revolt against an establishment that’s out to control them.The majority, on the other hand, were intellectual robots who expected me to accept biased information, fed by rote and unprocessed critically.If I ever dared to challenge them, they would shoot me down with righteous and noisy disapproval before disgracefully dismissing me.Although these costly programs all sounded noble in theory, each one, when implemented, brought some degree of instability to the teaching process.In each case, success was hindered by a lack of intelligent planning.


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