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Abrupt increase in difficulty of questions per classes based on a topic is seen as linear and monotonous exercise which doesn’t take into account nonlinear progress that mind is capable of making.

Based on international models of brain development and have some kind of standardized knowledge progression USA has set what is known as core math standards. a person has to be learn so and so concept by this class based on how neuronal network start making sense of environment by whatever age.

Criticisms include: While common core makes fairly detailed recommendations for mathematics teaching in grades K-8, it does not attempt to set curricula for high school, grades 9-12.

Instead, it lists general "categories": Number/quantity, Algebra, Functions, Geometry, Modeling, and Probability/statistics.

Now it is up to examiner since now he practically has the finger of the student in his hand and can guide his curiosity in any direction.

So next question can be if two trains start at same time and one is slower than other with 10kmph.Common core math worksheets are easily available on internet and now even the text as flooded with multiple part questions all these fall in that category only.46 states have implemented common core standards including California.Common core math is the new thing in world of mathematics; it came as rebelling force against the stagnancy of mathematics problems just requiring humdrum calculations.Students have often complained about math’s being tough subject or always having out of syllabus questions but the truth is that the cross linking of toughness of questions to non–neuronal firing is an accurate one.The mathematics part of Common Core pays particular attention to the use of proofs in the teaching of geometry, and the need for a uniform presentation of proof concepts between junior-high level and high-school level teaching. Also, see here: "The geometry standards in the CCSS deviate from the usual geometry standards in at least two respects, one big and one small.See here for an excruciatingly detailed analysis of some proofs about parallelograms and triangles in sections G. The small one is that, for the first time, special attention is paid to the need of a proof for the area formula for rectangles when the side lengths are fractions." Common Core deprives parents and local authorities of their control over education, and instead transfers control to unaccountable organizations and bureaucrats at the national level.for example a train moves between 2 stations with distance of 100 km between them with speed of 60 km/h how long will it take to complete the journey, now questions like this set the tone of practicality i.e.people can relate with the question and have experienced such a thing.The only way we can keep fire of enlightenment ablaze in general demographic is per class comparison process with standardized list.Hence all in all it is a great initiative that has also percolated to second and third world countries at least in question setting mechanism if not directly as a legislature.


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