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Thus it was, that a few days after, the citizens of York were compelled to make up our proportion of the Rebel requisition."Photographer Matthew Brady documented the battlefield and exhibited his images in his New York studio. However, the general public had to wait almost 40 years until the development of photo-engraving allowed printing of the pictures.

In this photo, taken in the summer of 1864, Ulysses S.

Had he attacked and succeeded, it might have changed the course of the war. The Union army established a defensive position resembling a fish hook, with Culp's Hill and the two Round Tops anchoring each end. On his right flank, Union troops mistakenly shifted out of position, leaving Little Round Top undefended.

At the last moment, a Union general rushed troops in just ahead of the charging Confederates.

In response to this threat President Lincoln replaced his army commander, General Joseph Hooker, with General George Mead.

As Lee's troops poured into Pennsylvania, Mead led the Union Army north from Washington."As for myself, I had scarcely reached the front door, when, on looking up the street, I saw some of the men on horseback. Clad almost in rags, covered with dust, riding wildly, pell-mell down the hill toward our home!I scrambled in, slammed shut the door, and hastening to the sitting room, peeped out between the shutters. Shouting, yelling most unearthly, cursing, brandishing their revolvers, and firing right and left.The Union commander, recognizing the importance of holding Gettysburg because a dozen roads converged there, fought desperately to hold off the Rebel advance.Other Union troops briefly stopped some Rebels north of town.Grant stands with his most famous horse, Cincinnati.This magnificent horse, standing 18 hands high, was given to Grant in January, 1864, by a St.Tillie Pierce was born in 1848 and when the battle began, had lived all her life in the village of Gettysburg.Her father made his living as a butcher and the family lived above his shop in the heart of town."I was fully persuaded that the Rebels had actually come at last.What they would do with us was a fearful question to my young mind.


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