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” What was once referred to as the mad genius, manic-depressant, or melancholic, is now classified within a spectrum of affective or mood disorders as listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM). Changeable : holds the view that dreams can be an important tool in the creative process” (Lemons 758).Association: Daydream also helps creative process (Lemons 758).Creativity is a process thrugh which you express yourself/ re-invent yourself/ develope new ideas & new ways of thining! Having the ability to take inanimateobjectsor ideas& makethem into something special.

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Creativity is the expansive use of imagination in application.

We can still agree that the process of creativity .

Today, we are no longer encouraged to use creativity; what is valued though, is getting the answer right.

Using colors and shape to forme a a multilevel reading format.

Making connections between references you carry inside you is to be creative.2 : The medium is important.When it comes to the American education system, if results are not being shown, something is going wrong.Even common questions exists, “how does one define and how does one measure creativity? Bipolar disorder is a continuum of moods ranging from states of manic highs to depressive lows.I will and numbers are only two of them” (Hurley 2). The remaining five forms of communication “are people he or she is more likely to express their own creativity as well.Words and numbers encompass core subjects essential in elementary and secondary school for the most part. The left hemisphere of the brain covers analytical thought, logic, language, and subjects such as science and math. Motivation is the fundamental force behind the completion any task.Task motivation is the desire to work on a given job because an individual finds the job interesting or satisfying1.Task motivation is what makes an individual who is unaware of their creative potential realize and utilize their creative potential to the benefit or themselves and an organization. All creatures created by God has creative instinct in them, look at the birds in the air and the wonderful nest each of the species build, look at ants, termites, rabbits, etc.Which not only will help them make it through school, but will also help them later in life when they join the work force.Another reason that creativity and play are not included more into the American education system is because people still believe that “play is frivolous” and do not fully understand what creativity is.Or maybe do you think creativity can be resume by a liste ? Never stop shaping your format and approach look for a bold point of view.4: Have fun. Define Creativity Listed here are all of the collected responses for definition of creativity.


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