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Sometimes the prosecution is vulnerable to losing major cases as a result of poor mechanisms for preservation of evidence that will be used to implicate the accused (Acker & Brody, 2013).

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However, this must be recorded in the officer's notebook and investigators are...

EVIDENCE DESTRUCTION The success of criminal proceedings entirely depends on the amount of evidence that is presented before the court proving beyond reasonable doubt that the criminal indeed committed the aforementioned crime.

A first officer attending a crime scene or incident has to perform a number of critical steps as part of the preliminary investigation.

These steps include preserving life, assessing the scene, protecting evidence, managing people at the scene, summoning assistance, securing the scene, guarding the scene and recording a log in their notebook.

These things, Tom realizes not for the first time, are his aspirations.

Furthermore, the Greenleafs offer to pay Tom’s expenses to Italy and back.

The appellate court was convinced that indeed the police officer acted in bad faith to destroy evidence, which was exculpatory in nature and which was deemed important in the determination of this particular case. Nothing must be overlooked, nothing should be contaminated.

Thus, the defendant in this case Mr Blair, prevailed in his motion of having the case dismissed as the court would not have any ground of convicting him given the manner in which the arresting police officer acted in relation to evidence. Every bit of item, no matter how small, must be retrieved and packed away for testing in such a way that the evidence cannot be contaminated prior to testing. Due Introduction First responders, Crime Scene Investigators, laboratory technicians, evidence gatherers of all sorts, police detective, and all of the other departments of law enforcement are involved in solutions of crimes.

Thus, in the process, there was a by-passer who was watching the whole incident and recorded it on his cell phone but noticing, the police officer grabbed the phone and deleted the video clip. To start with, the investigator can get the wrong impression of the crime scene – for instance, a crime scene that seems to be accidental fire may have been staged to conceal further crimes.

When in court the police officer involved told the court that Blair violently resisted arrest and wanted to grab his firearm, claims that Blair vehemently denied. Therefore, hurried conclusions may make the investigator to miss out on important clues.


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