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Kristen Sligner’s Grade 2 class used a case study about an ice cream company to explore tensions.

Martin noticed that effective CEOs understood that their own world view was limited, so they sought out opposing viewpoints and came to creative solutions by leveraging seemingly opposing positions.

For the past seven years, a spin-off group called the I-Think Initiative has been training teachers in the Toronto area on how integrative thinking can build critical thinking in students from a young age.

Jason Watt has always had very high expectations for his students, whether they were seven-year-olds in grade two or the young adolescents he now teaches in grade seven at Norseman Junior Middle School.

But Watt was frustrated that in order to meet his expectations his students would often have to redo their work six or seven times.

What do you, your administrators, or your teachers need to support them as they work toward addressing the 4 Cs of 21st Century Teaching and Learning?

Have you developed resources to support teachers with the 4 Cs that are noteworthy?

The guiding vision of the North Carolina State Board of Education is that every public school student will graduate ready for post-secondary education and work, and prepared to be a globally engaged and productive citizen.

To that end, the North Carolina State Board of Education adopted policy to bring the infusion of 21st century skills to scale across the state.


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