Define Problem Solving Skills

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You might work in finance and need to creatively educate clients on phishing scams to reduce losses.

Or maybe you’re a CEO who needs to modify the organisation’s strategy to counter an unexpected market disruptor.

Life and work are so much easier when you have the right tools to solve the problems you face.

About the Author Written by Chris Fletcher (aka the Lease Guy).

We are faced with problems we must solve all day long; some of our problem-solving skills come naturally as a result of performing logical everyday tasks.

For example, when you need to go to the bank your brain automatically goes through the problem-solving process to figure out the best time to go, the best route to take at that time, and the best route to take back home.The more your skills and strategies are developed and practised, the more you’ll have to draw from when you’re faced with bigger and more challenging problems in your professional life.Problem-solving skills are mental processes that allow you to take on a problem, choose the best of many problem-solving techniques for that particular situation, and think through the steps to find a solution.Developing problem-solving strategies takes persistence and dedication, but it can be achieved by employees working across all roles and industries.There’s no shortage of problems you’ll face in the workplace that require solving.Finding innovative solutions to issues or challenges faced by your team are at the heart of excellent problem-solving.These solutions are often required for tight deadlines or when only limited resources are available – hence why problem-solving is a skill that can separate the good leaders from the great leaders.Problem solving is the process of working through every aspect of an issue or challenge to reach a solution.Decision making is choosing one of multiple proposed solutions — therefore, this process also includes defining and evaluating all potential options.Then, we offer nearly 20 creative problem solving techniques to implement at your organization, or even in your personal life.Along the way, experts weigh in on the importance of problem solving, and offer tips and tricks.


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