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Marketing oral health services to families with low incomes or underserved populations may seem unnecessary, considering that most safety net dental clinic patients have no other places to obtain oral health care and most clinics have long waiting lists for appointments.

A key element to success is having people with the skills and a track record to make a project successful.

Sometimes, a proposal that is tied to exceptional individuals in whom a funder has confidence will be approved over a proposal of similar quality staffed by individuals without a strong track record.

The description of management should include an organizational chart.

It should demonstrate the managerial relationships or chain of command structure and how decisions are made.

It also tells your clinic's story—past, present, and future—moving from your mission and goals to your planned growth and the financial projections that will support it.

Also, a business plan is useful within the organization for evaluating achievements.Subsequent portions of the business plan will provide greater detail. This section helps the reader understand your organization.It features the basic, factual details about your organization such as legal status, ownership, services provided, company mission, and milestones achieved to date. This section gives the reader a thorough description of the services you are providing or the new services you will provide if you receive funding.It is a means of solidifying your ideas and challenging your assumptions.The ultimate purpose is to create a successful clinic.There must be enough detail so the reader fully understands what you are doing or what you propose, but not too much so that the reader loses interest.The technical details of oral health services (like a description of all the instruments used for root canal therapy) may be of interest to dentists but should be avoided in the business plan.This is also the section where more detail should be included about oral health services targeted to special populations such as children, pregnant women, or people who are homeless.If service expansion is proposed, describe how the anticipated funding will result in additional services to the target populations.Just as one would not start a cross-country drive without extensive preparation for such an arduous trip (making plans for stops and hotel reservations, and packing clothing, food, and drink), a person should not embark on a new business venture without a business plan for guidance.A business plan won’t automatically guarantee success, but it will assist in avoiding common causes of business failure, such as under-funding or lack of adequate marketing. In order to guide your planning and thinking when creating a business plan, use the following factors to frame your business-plan development which plays a large role in business success: The following illustrates how a safety net dental clinic might adapt the classic business plan structure for its purposes.


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