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A research proposal for a graduate course on British Modernism, for example, might seek to investigate the role of women in wartime literature, with the claim that women portray their bodies in autobiographic war literature in a way that contradicts Edwardian notions of femaleness.The point of the research would then be to investigate and uncover instances of this and, ultimately, to draw a well-supported, meaningful conclusion based on the findings.

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Table of contents The table of contents outlines the structure of the research proposal. The headings and subheadings are structured and numbered, and the appropriate page numbers appear at the right-hand margin.

The headings of the table of contents are identical to those in the body of the report.

She has worked professionally with children of all ages and is pursuing a second Masters degree in education from Monmouth University.

Rainer Gross and Werner Schultink are affiliated with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) Gmb H, in Eschborn, Germany.

The following guidelines for writing a research proposal have been developed on the basis of experiences at academic institutions providing advanced training in nutrition. It defines and standardizes scientific requirements that are needed for the development of a research project.

We have noted that students who plan and conduct their first research projects often have difficulty orienting themselves within the vast field of scientific information and tend to focus their proposals on a minimum of relevant issues, ignoring many essential items. Furthermore, SHARP encourages the bringing together of different types of scientific expertise and can be used to guide the development of a research proposal by a team.

The objectives of the research proposal are to help the researcher to define the contents and to plan and execute a research project, and to inform potential collaborators and supporters about the topic.

The proposal that is produced during the process can be submitted to agencies for possible funding.

Abstract The purpose of the abstract is to summarize in less than 200 words all important parts of the research proposal.

The abstract should:» describe the general objective of the study (justification);» define the central hypothesis;» describe the site and population to be studied;» summarize the total time and budget necessary to carry out the research.


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