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Dr Schatz' depth of technical knowledge, beyond his Doctorate in Digital Forensics and a Bachelors in Computer Science, has a foundation of expertise informed by 18 years of practical experience in the computing field.

This foundation is further reinforced by ongoing research in the area.

Such threats have direct consequences for almost all individuals, businesses and organizations, government institutions, and civic processes.

Digital forensics and cybercrime investigations are multidisciplinary areas that encompass law and law enforcement, computer science and engineering, IT operations, economics and finance, data analytics and criminal justice.

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  • Current Challenges and Future Research Areas for Digital.

    Digital forensics from a technical standpoint and outlines a number of future research topics that could greatly contribute to a more efficient digital forensic process. KeywordsDigital EvidenceBacklog, Digital Forensic Challenges, Future Research Topics…

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    Forensic science involves several scientific fields in process of retaining evidence, such as medicine, microbiology, pathology, chemistry etc. Forensic science is an important subject for crime investigation. Forensic science could be described as a combination of science and criminal justice.…

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    Digital Forensics Education. Survey existing DFE programs and DF practitioners regarding which tools they use. Report if the tools being taught are the same as the tools that are being used. Data Sniffing. Create a method to detect NTFS-compressed cluster blocks on a disk RAW data stream.…

  • International Journal of Cyber-Security and Digital Forensics.

    International Journal of Cyber-Security and Digital Forensics IJCSDF A Peer Reviewed, Refereed, Indexed and Leading Journal in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Published by The Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communications 20/F, TOWER 5, CHINA HONG KONG CITY, 33 CANTON ROAD, TSIM SHA TSUI, KOWLOON, HONG KONG…

  • An Event-Based Digital Forensic Investigation Framework

    In this paper, we present a framework for digital forensics that includes an investigation process model based on physical crime scene procedures. In this model, each digital device is considered a digital crime scene, which is included in the physical crime scene where it is located.…

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    Digital Forensics research papers examine a part of the science of forensics that treats the recovery and investigation of information stored digitally. Digital forensics is that part of the science of forensics that treats the recovery and investigation of information stored digitally.…

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    With the development of Internet and information technology, the digital crimes are also on the rise. Computer forensics is an emerging research area that applies computer investigation and analysis techniques to help detection of these crimes and gathering of digital evidence suitable for presentation in courts.…

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    Projects design to give exposure to fundamentals of digital forensics, cybercrime and cybersecurity to first year or new students at Champlain College. Interns obtain practical experience working in a real-world, hands-on setting while applying knowledge learned from coursework.…

  • Digital Records Forensics Project

    This is a comprehensive website on digital forensics that includes downloadable research papers, The Journal of Applied Digital Forensics and E-Discovery, a glossary of terms, topically sorted recent news articles related to digital forensics, facts about digital forensics, a directory of forensics providers, links to forensic software, links to pertinent legal websites and documents including examples of cases where digital evidence played an essential role, and much more to explore.…

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