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You need to have a precise understanding as to whether the chosen method is an experimental one or is a ‘tried and tested’ one and the level of reliability one could put on the outcome.

In the discussion section, you would also have to repeat this again.

The amount of time spent on this section ensures that you get it right and add value to your efforts.

You should extract the best possible information from the resources accessible to you, for instance, discuss in detail regarding the course of action with your guide who might be able to advice whether the approach you have chosen has serious flaws, and has alternative ways of expressing them.

You should not involve yourself too much in listing the sources and methods and forget about including how and why they had been relevant for the specific research.

It may sound superfluous, but you should do your research into the research methods since it will be helpful in identifying the kind of research methods, and the various kinds of research methods which would be the best for attaining the best possible cohesive outcomes from the dissertation project.Usually, somebody going through your methodology need to get adequate idea so as to design methods much seem to be identical to those you had applied to collect your data; however it need not involve any interviews, reviews and questionnaires, which have been applied to carry out your research.The methodology part of the dissertation is mainly for stating the reason as to why you opted to apply these specific methods to collect the data.This would be of benefit while writing your dissertation methodology.You can confidently write instead of guessing whether the documents had been written at a specific period, re-printed later, or while serializing the contents in a book form.Making an analysis of the research methods might assist you in finding any mistakes in the process of data collection or sources followed by their interpretation.We at Quality Dissertation, specialise in providing dissertation service to students struggling to write dissertation or any chapter of dissertation.Methodology is a vital part of the thesis or dissertation. The methodology explains the wide philosophical support to your selected research methods, involving if the quantitative or qualitative methods or a combination of the duo are being applied by you, and with what reason.Methodology is the part of your dissertation that states the way your research was performed, the sources of your data, and the kind of data collection procedures that were used by you, etc.As the dissertation methodology is an account of the research that you conduct, you should try to write it or at the minimum to draft it – while you collect the data.In case you are on a master’s course or a Ph D course, then you might complete researching much before you initiate writing.


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