Dr. Strangelove Critical Essay

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Imagine that your life was being threatened every day with the possibility of nuclear annihilation.

In the 1960s, there was a real possibility that a powerful enemy would attack with the force of a thousand nuclear bombs.

Learn to stop worrying and love the bomb, so said film director Stanley Kubrick.

Discover the political and social dimensions of Kubrick's 1964 comedy film ''Dr.

In situations like this it becomes hard to gain clarity and perspective. Strangelove critiques mutually assured destruction, a military strategy that posits that the use of nuclear weapons can only lead to the annihilation of both sides in a conflict.

The Cuban Missile Crisis lingered in recent memory in 1964, when Dr. Kubrick utilizes satire in the film to critique the political climate of the early Cold War.An unparalleled comedian, he played a British army captain, the American president, and the insidious Dr. The film was adapted from a book called Fail Safe, and there was no such character as Dr. The film's titular character is presented as an ex-Nazi scientific advisor to the American president.He's an eccentric, a classic mad scientist who slips in and out of German in his raving monologues.Do you see how such a visual composition, as depicted in the picture below, could be interpreted as a sexual position?The film's opening sequence plays on these visual similarities.That's how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb! Strangelove presents an indictment of war, military power, and blind hubris in the form of a hilarious, understated satire.Satire is a literary genre that uses comedy for social commentary.Following World War II and coming to an end after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990, the Cold War refers to a period of conflict in which there was no active military engagements, and no outright fighting. The Americans and the Russians both had their fingers on a dangerous, potentially catastrophic button that at any moment could blast either country into oblivion. For thirteen nervous days, it seemed like we were going to destroy each other.It was the closest we came to all-out war during the entire length of the Cold War.Satires provide the kind of critical distance that comes with exaggerating a situation enough to be able to step back from yourself and have a laugh at the absurdity of it all. Strangelove presents a biting indictment of the military.For example, the opening credits show airplanes refueling in flight.


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