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Case Study Selection and Compilation 8study team decided to provide a 1­year grace period and accept projects completed between 19.Six of the case study nominations fell outside of that period and, thus, were deleted from further consideration for this study.The case method is based on a philosophy of professional education which associates knowledge directly with action (Boehrer, 1995).

By using complex real-world problems as the focus, it challenges students to learn skills that will be appropriate to deal with the practical problems that they will face as economists, civil servants or private managers.

Teaching through the case method allows educators to address specific pedagogical issues and to develop higher-order skills in students.

The following list describes this educational taxonomy and then explains how the case method helps in developing each of the skills.

The case method is a rich and powerful approach to the development of cognitive skills in students.

It is also a flexible approach, in the sense that lecturers can use it in alternative ways.

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The latter consideration is particularly notable because multiple local interviews are required to provide infor­ mation regarding the role of the transit investment relative to other factors in affecting observed economic and develop­ ment outcomes.

Thus, the specified time period was judged optimal for initial case studies as older or newer projects would be more likely to involve greater staff effort to complete the case studies.

While it is indeed desirable to include projects that had disappointingly small economic development impacts (as well as those with sur­ prisingly large impacts), it was agreed that the pilot case studies should not focus on small projects that had little, if any, expectation of economic development impacts.

As we will discuss in more detail later (in Chapter 5), for future case studies, we would recommend a higher threshold as few of the projects nominated or those subsequently investigated were so small.


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