Education Action Research Paper

This is important in order for a child to be successful.I feel that incorporating reading strategies and showing students how to reflect about what they have read, would improve their reading comprehension and to become life-long learners.

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Having a clearer view and firsthand experience of the teacher's performance, this will further enhance pupil's knowledge of the importance of mastering the basic skills of their competencies so they will make an effort to do best.

This may lead to better enthusiasm and develop good study habit. This study may heighten their awareness in identifying the learning tasks that are well developed as well as the least.

With the use of the results of the study, any educational upliftment will benefit the municipality of Ragay as it may improve the quality of working force of the municipality or the quality of life of their respective constituents. The information and insights that will be gained from this study may serve as guide for other researcher in framing their conceptual framework and design and at the same time encourage them to conduct lateral studies within their area of preferences.

The general focus of the present study was on the Improving Reading Comprehension Through the use of Higher Order Thinking Skills Activities of the grade III pupils in Baya Elementary School, District of Ragay, Division Of Camarines Sur.

This can help students and schools achieve better outcomes more quickly.

Teachers face an array of challenges in the classroom, from absences to poor academic performance to distractions from technology.Nelson Mandela The area of focus for my project is improving Reading Comprehension Through the Use of Higher Order Thinking Skill Activities.Without the solid foundation of reading skill the researcher feels the children will be struggle hard throughout their schooling and adult life.Part I of MSI is consist of statement about the strategies used prior to reading a story, Part II of the MSI consist of statement about the strategies used while reading a story, and the part III of the MSI consist of statement about the strategies used after reading the story.Classroom teachers will tell you that no one knows their students better than they do.By learning the best comprehension strategies and how to best teach these strategies to the pupils, the researcher hopes to provide the solid foundation needed to succeed .Although the school's NAT result has meet or exceed its expectation, still the researcher has a thought of a way to improve it.To use this method teachers or educational researchers first identify a problem.Then, they collect data on this problem, and interpret what that information might mean.I am looking forward to working on this area of concern, and sharing my findings with my co-teachers.The study will be deemed important for the proper recognition of the improving Reading Comprehension Through the use of higher - order thinking activities on the academic Performance of the grade III pupils, Likewise, the findings of this research may prove useful to the following, to wit; Pupils.


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