Education For All In Pakistan Essay

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Unless, the government becomes serious in tackling the root causes of corruption and coming at them with full force, the problem will persist and with time corruption will only increase, resulting in a further decline in the quality of education as well as literacy rate in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, the literacy rate stands at a meager 55%, one of the lowest in the world.

This highly inept system, creates room for bribery instead of eliminating it.

7- Low salaries of teachers: Despite gradual increase in education budget over the years, the government has kept the salaries of teachers very low.

Hence the organization also has all female faculty and ensure a 50% student gender ratio.

Success stories such as that of Fiza, who is only 17 and has already opened a beauty salon; Shahida who became a doctor and Sadaf, who is giving back to TCF and is now the principal of one of the schools, and many others are classic examples of this positive change.The quality of education in Pakistan has been declining for some time now, and it appears that all of the factors responsible for its loathsome condition stem from corruption!Our literacy rate has gone down from 60% to 58%, while the number of children out of school in Pakistan is second only to Nigeria.Moreover, this lack of interest on teacher’s part results in the student’s lacking in necessary skills and have to resort to Essay Writer Services to get their assignments done.8- Mega schemes: Many of the government initiatives for education have been introduced merely as a means to gain popularity and increase vote bank rather than the improvement education itself.Therefore, many schemes like laptop and Danish schools turned out to be scams where corruption of billions was carried out.Unless government starts introducing robust and realistic measures to increase literacy rate, the situation wouldn’t improve and such gimmicks could only be the cause of more corruption in education.6- Lack of technological advancement: The governmental education boards still seem to be stuck in the 80s and haven’t yet been computerized.Students have to wait for hours outside the board offices to get their metric/inter certificates or other important documents.Corruption is a familiar phenomenon for people in developing countries, ruled by corrupt politicians motivated only by greed and self-interest. However, the Education sector seems to be the worst affected from corrupt practices.In Pakistan, one fails to find a single department or institution that is free from the plague of corruption.


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