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I think a main point to write correctly depends on the accurate use of linkers.

Some programs to prevent bullying has been created but it hasn't been enough.

In my opinion, this problem must be attacked from a general perspective.

This year, my friend got bullied by one of the two boys. Except one day that a boy made a comment about a girl's letter.

In my opinion, I think bullying is bad for international schools or others and The key is to stop the bullying, I think that We support the people who got bullied, respect and love each other. He didn't want to hurt her but you can't be sure about how other people understand what you say.

Sometimes I come across people who are apparently impatient to bully someone just to work off. I don't feel I'm coward, but I feel poud, because I don't have to laugh the bully in their face! People have different styles, different labels of shoes and many thinks like that.

I had been bullet at my school for once by some girls, The girls we're year 8 and I am year 11 . I was sorry to hear that you've been bullied but it's great that you told the head of year and that it has been sorted out.

With regard to bullying, it really means a quite hard and difficult experience.

Children or teenagers who suffer it must receive support from teachers, parents and mates A few of my classmates got bullied by 2 boys and they complained of the boys last year. Greetings, Greatest123 I don't have notice bulling in my school.

Teacher pay more attention to aware a issue in the school a result school bullying issue in school is decreasing right now .

Basically , In school bullying is common especially physical ,verbal problems. Teacher do not aware what happened after school of between class.


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