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Start with the obvious: what you see when you read the poem.Roethke creates a scene of a dark, dank, musty old root cellar. Most of the poem is dark, maybe even a bit depressing.

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As you already know, poets are known for using all sorts of literary devices, including symbolism, rhyme, meter, and metaphors. Poets often use imagery to set the entire mood of the poem.

They create a feeling they wish to express and hope the reader feels it as well.

Here are a few tips to help you analyze imagery in literature the smart way.

As she approached her chair, the carton wobbled, and there was a scratching noise. That’s all well and good, but other than saying that imagery creates a visual image, what else is there to say about it?

Thus, keep in mind that imagery in literature can involve all of your senses: sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell.

Let’s take a look at imagery in both poetry and prose, and analyze imagery the smart way.

Here are two resources to help: Analyzing imagery in prose, such as a short story or novel, is similar to analyzing imagery in poetry, but you’re working with complete sentences, paragraphs, and images built into a larger scope of a story.

Often, the writers of stories and novels aren’t using imagery as the sole focus of their work, but they’re generally trying to make a point. Authors often use imagery to set the scene and help readers put themselves in the characters’ shoes.

What purpose do they serve within the larger context of the story?

In this case, the author includes this powerful imagery so that readers can sense the disappointment and shame the child feels as she looks at her new home.“They” (presumably her parents) had told her about a new house they were moving to, but it’s apparent that they described the house differently.


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